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McElroy Translation provides high-quality transcriptions of audio and video files. Source material can be transcribed from a CD, DVD, tape, video cassette, MP3, AVI, mpeg, or wav file. If you are unsure about the file format of your source material, please contact us. There are multiple formats for audio and video files with multiple conversion or playable solutions.

McElroy’s workflow process for transcription begins with assigning the files to a native speaker of the source language. Once the files have been transcribed, they are either sent back to the client for review or back to our project management office to have the transcribed documents translated according to the client’s request. At this stage, the documents enter into our standard workflow process with implementation of any special instructions. Unless otherwise requested, the final deliverable will be a Word document. Transcription is priced per half hour segments of source content. Translation is priced per word of transcribed document.

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