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McElroy’s global network of more than 6,000 professional linguists includes access to talent with a diverse range of skills and knowledge, enabling us to provide our clients with customized solutions for their foreign language needs. Below is a list of services we provide that go beyond language translation and localization:

Translation Memory
Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Formatting
Multilingual Social Media Monitoring
Creative Copywriting & Transcreation
Multilingual Search Engine Optimization
Coding, Dubbing, Subtitling

Translation memory allows translators to see how segment glossaries have been previously translated. In this way, consistency is established throughout present and future projects. McElroy Translation welcomes all previously created translation memory for use on future projects. We will continually update and maintain translation memory. Our clients own all translation memory created from their projects and may request it at any time. In addition to consistency, clients will also experience a cost savings when 100% and fuzzy matches occur.

The value that social networks can bring to a brand is undeniable; however, there is still some confusion about how to maximize opportunities while monitoring activity—specifically for your culturally and linguistically diverse customer-base. The ability to monitor and moderate multilingual social media conversations will enable you to build trust and grow your global markets much more quickly.

The translation of key slogans, blurbs, and adverts into various languages can be somewhat of a challenge. Typically, such materials contain local idioms and colloquialisms that may not make sense when stated in different locales. We have professional linguists with marketing and advertising experience who understand the need to translate the intent of the message, rather than the words themselves.

International SEO is a powerful marketing tool to help get your website recognized in top search engines around the world. Our linguists who provide this service are native speakers with a background in technology and expertise in SEO. With a combination of keyword research and website content changes, our specialists will be able to help you optimize your site around the globe.

McElroy Translation retains desktop publishing experts who are experienced with all of the major publishing software platforms. Our DTP specialists are trained to spot potential layout and design issues that arise from complex scripts and fonts (e.g., double-byte and bidirectional issues) and are able to deliver projects quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

McElroy’s multimedia resources include professionals who specialize in providing talented localization of media output formats such as websites, web applications, audio, video, CD-ROMs, eLearning tools and applications, and movie platforms. We are capable of handling every step of the process, including culturally appropriate translation, production, and editing.

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