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McElroy Translation is committed to providing the highest-quality translations in the industry. To accomplish this we devote a great deal of time and dedicated resources to the recruitment and management of our most valued asset, our translators. Our network of over 5,000 translators is made up of native speakers of the target language who have extensive, tested, and proven expertise in their subject matter area(s).

McElroy applies a 3-tiered approach to recruiting and maintaining its linguistic resources. The initial stage sets requirements that the translators must meet in order to proceed to the testing process. These include:

• Being a native speaker of the target language
• In-country study of the source language
• A university degree in translation or a minimum of five years of professional experience in
   area(s) of expertise
• Proof of educational background and certifications
• References from clients or a referral from another trusted contractor

Once translator requirements have been verified, applicants are asked to submit samples in each of their area(s) of expertise—legal, intellectual property, life sciences, advertising and marketing, energy, and information technology—and more than 50 subcategories. Samples are evaluated by McElroy’s lead linguists. The pass or fail results are then communicated to the vendor manager and recorded in our resource database. Our workflow processes ensure that each translator's work is continually evaluated.

Prospective translators are screened not only for language ability but also for technical knowledge, ability to follow instructions, and on-time delivery. Our qualifying procedures are more rigorous and more directly applicable than those of most certifying entities. Only a small percentage of translators are passed and retained in our database of active linguists.

Our final stage is constant evaluation. Every translation is reviewed by an equally qualified editor. If the editor perceives there to be a lack of or drop in quality, they are required to inform the vendor management office for further review.

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