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McElroy Translation has been an expert in language translation for four decades. Our staff in the software localization business unit has years of specific software experience, as well as project management and translation expertise. With McElroy, you will quickly deploy tested, high-quality versions of your software for your markets around the world.

McElroy is committed to developing the right software localization solution to meet your exact requirements. Our team of localization professionals will work with you to ensure your international versions are delivered on time and within budget.

Our localization services include:

Localization Engineering and Testing
In-Country Translation
Translation Memory & Localization Tools
Workflow Tracking and Reporting

McElroy Translation, as a division of TranslateMedia, is certified ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006. ISO ensures that quality assurance processes are clearly defined and each step of a project is tracked, monitored and scored. EN is setup specifically to solve issues of quality within the translation industry by setting benchmarks for linguist qualifications, translation workflow and provider/client communication procedures.

McElroy Translation is committed to providing the highest-quality translations in the industry. To accomplish this we devote a great deal of time and dedicated resources to the recruitment and management of our most valued asset, our translators. Our network of over 5,000 translators is made up of native speakers of the target language who have extensive, tested, and proven expertise in their subject matter area(s).

Translation of an application can introduce or expose issues in the localized user interface that require resolution in the testing phase of the localization process. Software testing is an essential step in the localization process and ensures that the foreign language versions of your application function, look, and read as the users in each locale expect. Localization QA & testing will fix errors that are sometimes introduced during the translation process.

Internationalization (I18n) is the process of enabling your software to adapt to any market. I18n involves designing and engineering (or reengineering) your software application so it can be easily localized into multiple target regions without requiring subsequent changes to the core application. By properly internationalizing your software, or making it language neutral, you will save on engineering costs and time, while moving your software into new markets more quickly.

Translation memory allows translators to see how segment glossaries have been previously translated. In this way, consistency is established throughout present and future projects. McElroy Translation welcomes all previously created translation memory for use on future projects. We will continually update and maintain translation memory. Our clients own all translation memory created from their projects and may request it at any time. In addition to consistency, clients will also experience a cost savings when 100% and fuzzy matches occur.

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