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Privacy Policy

Our primary goal in collecting user information is to enhance your experience on our website.

McElroy Translation does not collect personally identifying information about any individual website user except when knowingly provided by such individual. For example, we may ask you for information to deliver promotional and informational newsletters and to provide you with project quotes.

We respect the privacy of our users and shall not disclose or distribute our user list to any third party. Some of our promotional and informational offers may be made available in partnership with a third party. In those cases, your personal information is not transferred to the third party, unless you have expressly consented to sharing your email address or other identifying information via a separate opt-in mechanism.

McElroy Translation is committed to your privacy, and other than as provided herein or after receiving your specific consent, McElroy Translation will not share any personal information with any third party at any time, unless required by law.

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