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McElroy Translation’s certifications are notarized documents signed by an authorized agent of McElroy Translation which indicate that the translation has been professionally and competently translated. Our certifications are accepted by the U.S. PTO, the FDA, and other U.S. and international regulatory agencies.

McElroy provides notarized certifications on behalf of the company and not a specific translator because the final translation product is a compilation of the efforts of many individuals: a translator provides the initial translation, a second qualified translator serves as editor, our proofreading department performs QA and verifies that no omissions exist, our production department finalizes the layout, and a proofreader performs a final quality assurance check.

If a translator-signed certificate is required, please let us know when you request your translation as the translator will be given an additional assignment to personally review and certify the final translation. This final step is necessary because the completed translation is the product of McElroy’s editing, production, and QA departments, so it differs from the translator’s draft and will require additional time and expense.

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