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McElroy Translation has delivered 12 million+ words of patents each year since 1981 and works with 500 technical translation experts with patent expertise. Clients include corporate legal departments, law firms, and governmental entities. McElroy customizes its workflow to best serve every client and every project, including literal translation, internal use translation, and patent text for filing—each of which requires a different approach.

McElroy has supported patent litigation cases for the last 25 years by assisting with document screening to qualify documents for translation, translating large volumes of patent and case-related documentation to meet aggressive deadlines, providing translation project management, and adjusting priorities as they are affected by case developments.

"They have consistently performed at a high level of quality and go above and beyond contract requirements to provide excellent services."

United States Patent and Trademark Office
Contractor Performance Report

Legal translation services include:
Certified Translations
Foreign Filing
Litigation Support Services
Post Editing of Machine Translation
Transcription & Translation
Desktop Publishing (DTP) & Custom Formatting

McElroy Translation, as a division of TranslateMedia, is certified ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006. ISO ensures that quality assurance processes are clearly defined and each step of a project is tracked, monitored and scored. EN is setup specifically to solve issues of quality within the translation industry by setting benchmarks for linguist qualifications, translation workflow and provider/client communication procedures.

Contact our legal business development manager for more information.

McElroy Translation’s certifications are notarized documents signed by an authorized agent of McElroy Translation which indicate that the translation has been professionally and competently translated. Our certifications are accepted by the U.S. PTO, the FDA, and other U.S. and international regulatory agencies.

McElroy Translation works with your foreign associates to provide an accurate, properly formatted (according to the foreign patent office’s strict guidelines) translation on time or ahead of schedule, while effectively putting control over translation costs (as well as control of the translated text itself) back in the corporate legal department’s hands.

McElroy Translation provides five language solutions for litigation and eDiscovery projects:
• on-site reviewers for culling through foreign language text for identifiable search terms
• machine translation for voluminous search and discovery projects
• post editing of machine translation at half the cost of human translation
• quick-turn human translation for a significant search quality increase over MT
• high-quality human translation by native speakers with subject matter expertise

For projects that do not require a high-quality translation, or where cost for a full translation cannot be justified, McElroy Translation can provide a post edited machine translation (PEMT) at half the cost of our technical translation rates.

McElroy Translation provides high-quality transcriptions of audio and video files. Source material can be transcribed from a CD, DVD, tape, video cassette, MP3, AVI, mpeg, or wav file. If you are unsure about the file format of your source material, please contact us. There are multiple formats for audio and video files with multiple conversion or playable solutions.

McElroy Translation works with your product, marketing, and corporate teams to develop a multilingual website that is linguistically and visually appropriate for your target audiences. The final product will be culturally appropriate to the target market while reinforcing your carefully crafted branding. Updates can be managed centrally while still allowing local input.

McElroy Translation retains desktop publishing experts who are experienced with all of the major publishing software platforms. Our DTP specialists are trained to spot potential layout and design issues that arise from complex scripts and fonts (e.g., double-byte and bidirectional issues) and are able to deliver projects quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

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